Corporate Events

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Moroccan Birthday Event

Alice in Wonderland Theme

Bead Swag Backdrop

Bird Cage white canopy ceiling drapes

Black and Gold Backdrop

Britannia Theme Event Nottinghamshire Hospice

Calkwalk backdrop white drapes

Car Launch Evening

Ceiling Drape Canopy


Corporate Event Evening

Corporate Event Mazda

Easel for Hire

Fabric backdrop

Fabric Theatre Creative Corner

Fabric Theatre Mazda Derby

Fabric Theatre Product Evening Launch

Fairy White Curtain Walls

Gilt Mirror Prop and Crystal

Gold and Purple Canopy Repton Pears

Gold Canopy Repton Pears School

Gold Tassel Repton Pears School

Lower ceiling height Repton Pears School

Masqurade Theme

Mazda Car Launch

Mazda Derby Event

Mazda Derby Product Launch

Mazda Launch event

MoroccanTheme Event

Oscars Night Event

Oversized Gitar Prop

Product Launch Mazda

Product Launch

Repton Pears School Birthday Party

Repton Pears School Decorative Gold Bead

Ribbon backdrop Save The Date Event

Ribbon white drapes catwalk backdrop

Strictly Event Nottinghamshire Hospice

Strictly Judges Event Fabric Backdrop

Twinkle Light Curtain Walls

xfactor finalist at Derby Product launch