Permanent Installations

Friday, 18 July 2014

Baroque Playboy London

Bead screen curtains

Bedding Chessington World Of Adventures

Bedspread, Alton Room

Bespoke fabric ceiling

Brass Custom Poles London

Chatters Bar, Derby

Cornwall Terrace

Cornwall Terrace

Crystal Screen

Cushions and Drapes Cornwall Terrace

Decorative fabric panel.

Depa Cornwall Terrace

Depa Cornwall Terrace

Docklands London

Drapes and Tiebacks Paris

Fabric Panels Threadneedle Street London

Fabric Wall Leeds

Fesston drapes

Ikon Diva Newcastle

Liquid Jersey

Motorised track system Docklands London

Paris Apartment

Pleated Wall Chatters Bar Derby

Pleated Wall Nightclub.

Roman Blinds Cornwall Terrace

Soft Furnishings


Spa Canopy Alton Towers

Stage Swags

Tented Ceiling, Baroque Restaurant

Theatre Canopy Manchester

Throws and Curtains Cornwall Terrace London

Velvet Drapes NAL Cinema Derby

Warwick Castle Royal Weekend