Wall Drapes

Wall Drapes can transform any interior creating a perfect setting for your themed wedding or event.

The venue selection is one of the most important decisions you will make taking into account your budget, location, size and keeping everyone happy.

For all these reasons sometimes the venue may not tick all the boxes.

Fabric Theatre wall draping system will solve all these problems, not only offering treatments to cover up areas such as unwanted artworks , colour schemes, existing curtain designs but we also offer solutions for re sizing areas catering for specific guest numbers.

Aside the practical element of installing curtain wall draping we bring clients and venues creative styling with enormous personality and elegance enhancing every event.

Our free standing system is welcomed by most venues with no permanent fixings required.

Once in place, fabric curtaining is added in soft pleats, crease free and finished to perfection.

Up lighting in various colours can then be added to create mood and atmosphere for your event which can dramatically transform any space.

If you have decided to hold your event in a school hall, community centre, village hall, leisure centre or even a barn but want to add warmth we can certainly assist.

Fabric Theatre stores hold a variety of stocked fabrics to suit many tastes and budget. Our team can create elegant simple wall drapery to an indoor marquee (where fittings are permitted)

For more information about our wall drapes for your event, please contact the team at Fabric Theatre today

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